Your data belongs to you.
It should be in your control.

Comake is on a mission to be the leading pioneer of data and knowledge mapping for the benefit of individuals, communities, & greater society in order to act as a force multiplier on productivity, collaboration, and innovation-capability. Our software builds and maintains knowledge networks that behave like a living digital memory for users. These knowledge networks are private, controlled by you, and stored wherever you choose (e.g., your computer). They act as the central hubs for your private knowledge, including files, versions, communication, resources, personal relationships, work history, historical or contextual access to public knowledge, and even inferred insights and analyses. Importantly, the raw information Comake indexes is contextualized through experience, is stored in associative ways, and is presented and made accessible when the most relevant associations are being interacted with, similar to how your memory actually works. This is the first crucial step in transforming raw data into “Knowledge”.

Comake provides digital Knowledge-mapping and Knowledge-access services that are based on fundamentally different underlying economics than most other software services. Specifically, we DO NOT optimize for attention and we are NOT an advertising business. We empower individuals and businesses to leverage Knowledge in order to solve problems and build solutions for the knowledge economy in ways that are optimized for the end-user’s needs rather than an advertiser’s or a centralized information broker’s bottom line. We are in the business of giving individuals and businesses the capabilities, control, and confidence to make their data work for them. Your private information stays private. You simply pay us when you want managed Knowledge services that, for example, help you sync Knowledge across devices, share  Knowledge with collaborators, and more.

Our promise to you:

Comake will not sell your Private Information.
Comake will not optimize for attention.
Comake is not an advertising business.
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We are on a mission to give individuals, communities, and society the capabilities, control, and confidence to map Knowledge for their benefit & on their terms.

Local storage of your data when-ever possible

Your browsing history, tabs, and sensitive data don't leave your computer unless you choose differently.

Bank-Level Encryption

AES-256 encryption for data stored on AWS & SHA-256 SSL for data in transit.

No Ads

Comake does not sell your data. We optimize your data for you.

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Keep Knowledge Safe.

We understand the sensitivity of the information your Knowledge Graphs hold and we employ industry best practices to keep this data secure and confidential. We keep tabs on developments within the security industry and regularly assess all systems for areas where we can further enhance our security protocols.


We work hard to keep your data confidential. Any information transferred to our servers is protected by SHA-256 SSL encryption with RSA, and any data we store is protected by AES-256 encryption. Administrative access to our system is only permitted using secure remote access technologies such as SSH. We run background checks on our employees, and access to the database is monitored for suspicious activity.


We know that the integrity of our systems is crucial to keeping your data secure. We’re working to conduct security audits with a third-party white-hat provider to evaluate our security measures and ensure we’re up-to-date with industry best practices. Your data is also encrypted in storage using 256-bit AES encryption and in transit using 256-bit SSL encryption to protect against unauthorized access or fraud.

Use of Data

Establishing a strong foundation of trust is key to our success. Your data remains your data and we will never use it for anything other than the provision of Comake Products and Services. We will not sell your Private Information. We will not use your Private Information to serve ads. Read the details in our privacy policy.


We utilize off-site, geographically distributed backups to ensure your data is never lost. Comake’s infrastructure leverages AWS components with uptime SLA's of 99.95% and features 24/7 monitoring to alert us of any issues. We have engineers on call so we’re always available and ready to remedy potential issues.

Privacy before profit.