What is KnowledgeOS?

KnowledgeOS is a browser extension by Comake that helps you organize and access your everything you do online how you actually think about it.

Can I use KnowledgeOS without a 1-on-1 onboarding?

For the moment, we are personally onboarding every user. We are doing this to ensure that we give you the best experience possible and build the best product possible. Click the Get Started link above to schedule a time with us.

Is KnowledgeOS free? How does Comake make money?

KnowledgeOS will always have a free tier. Basically if you store your data on your computer and you don't need any premium features, then you will always be able to use KnowledgeOS for free. You pay us when you want us to help you sync your Knowledge across devices using Comake Cloud and when you want to use some of our premium features like powerful data linking, contextual notifications, advanced team management, etc. Read more here.

Can I use KnowledgeOS without the browser extension?

We highly recommend using the browser extension because it is required for a large number of our core features. That being said, you can always access all the data that KnowledgeOS syncs to the cloud without installing the browser extension. Depending on your settings, the data you sync to Comake Cloud may not include tabs, browsing history, contacts, files, and other data.

Is my data safe in KnowledgeOS?

We take protecting your privacy and security very seriously. We strive to give you as much control over your data as possible, including where you store it. By default, your most sensitive data, like tabs and browsing history, are stored on your device.  Learn more here.

Does Comake sell my data?

No way! We are not an advertising business. We here to help you organize your data for your needs, and not for some data broker or other 3rd party. We make money when you pay us for premium services. You are not the product.

How do I control my "Currently working in..." status?

You can always control what you share and who you share it with. If you don't want to share what you're working on with your team, simply turn it off. You can learn how to do that here.

How do I control where the Dock shows up?

You can control where the Dock shows up over each website by opening Navigator or the Dock, as well as in settings. Learn more here.

How do I turn off the sidebar (a.k.a. the Dock)?

If the sidebar is not for you, you can always turn it off in settings. Learn more here.

Can I customize the look & feel of KnowledgeOS?

For sure! Open KnowledgeOS Settings and click on "Dock & Appearance". You can choose from several themes and options there, including Dark Mode, White Mode, and Sunset. Read more about that here.

What are Contexts?

Think of a Context like a grouping of data related to something, like a project or a client. You can easily save anything you see online (like a Google Doc or a news article) to a Context. You can use Contexts to easily group your tabs, group your notifications, and more.

How do I add custom Apps?

If you want an App that is not in the Comake Store, you can simply search the Store for the name of the website you want to make into an App and then look in the list for "Add a custom App".

Can I modify Apps and Actions from the Comake Store?

You can turn any website into a custom App, but for now, you are not able to create custom Actions. We will be adding this functionality in the future. In the meantime, if you want a special Action, please let us know via Discord or the Feedback form.

Can I share Apps and Accounts with teammates?

If you pay for KnowledgeTeam, you can share Apps, Accounts, and even all the data within them with your team.

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