KnowledgeOS User Guide

KnowledgeOS is a browser extension by Comake that helps you easily get back to anything you've done online, including restoring old tabs & windows, finding something related to your project, easily jumping between different accounts, and more. It helps you organize and access your digital work in the way that you actually think about it by building and maintaining associations between related concepts and data. This includes mapping relationships between tabs, projects, files, messages, contacts, websites, and more.

Think of KnowledgeOS like your browser's living memory. KnowledgeOS can also be upgraded to become your or your team's living memory across devices, Apps, and projects. In a world of distributed work, being able to access relevant historical context for a project, for a decision, for a document is increasingly important. Comake's patented technology promises to be the future of contextual-search for and contextual-access to work information. We know, we still have a long way to go, but the foundations have been built and we look forward to getting there together!

The User Guide you are reading provides resources to help you as you get started and become a KnowledgeOS expert.

We offer data mapping services in order to act as a force multiplier on productivity and innovation capability. We DO NOT sell your data or serve you ads. Your tabs, history index, and other sensitive data stay on your device unless you opt-in to sync it to the cloud; and when you do so, your data is encrypted and only used to help you and collaborators access information across devices. Learn more here.

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