Install Browser Extension

In order to properly build a knowledge layer over your browser with KnowledgeOS, you will need to install the corresponding browser extension for your browser of choice. We officially offer support for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. Some Chromium based browsers like Brave and Fractal let you install KnowledgOS from the Chrome webstore. Learn about your data privacy with the extension.

Click the appropriate store and install the extension

What can I do with the Knowledge OS Chrome Extension?

  • Easily find anything you've done in the browser, including previously visited pages, open tabs, and saved resources.

  • Close windows and tabs with peace of mind, knowing that Comake is saving a record of your working tabs so you can get back to what you need with ease.

  • Easily mange all your files, messages, contacts, and tasks using Knowledge Apps.

  • Transform your favorite browser into a collaborative tool and bring your team closer together.

Can't see the Knowledge OS extension?

  1. Hit the puzzle 🧩  icon on the top right of your Chrome window.

  2. Find Knowledge OS in the list of extensions and hit 📌  Pin extension.

  3. You should now see the Knowledge OS icon to the right of the address bar in Chrome.

We offer data mapping services in order to act as a force multiplier on productivity and innovation capability. We DO NOT sell your data or serve you ads. Your tabs, history index, and other sensitive data stay on your device unless you opt-in to sync it to the cloud; and when you do so, your data is encrypted and only used to help you and collaborators access information across devices. Learn more here.

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