A graphic showing several logos of popular Apps connected into a network that all feeds into and through the logo of Comake Hub.

Comake Hub is a database and community focused on classifying and connecting information across Apps. It exposes and allows contributions to a part of the backend that powers KnowledgeOS, YipYip, as well other 3rd-party applications and services.

Comake Hub is a wiki-style directory and open source repository of more than 30,000 Apps, websites, data types, and users. It empowers anyone to discover, discuss, and share information related to Comake's mission of empowering people with control and faculty over their data, regardless of the data's source.

As a wiki-forum hybrid, Comake Hub is the place where anyone can contribute to and leverage the collective knowledge built-up around how data is classified, linked, deduplicated, contextualized, etc. across a multitude of websites and Apps.

Coming Jan 2022.

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