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Welcome to the future of interconnected data.

Backed by nearly 20 issued or pending patents, Comake puts you in control of your data.

Unified Data.
Unified Capabilities.

Comake provides the products, technologies, and expertise to unify data and capabilities across your existing software stack. We help you move past a complex web of integrations between various vendors, and into a future where you are in control.

Access the same data across Apps.

Our data today is fragmented across use cases, workflows, and software vendors. Comake offers products, technologies, and expertise to help you modernize your digital workflows.

We have invented and open-sourced various technologies that help people and organizations unify and consolidate data.

We have used these technologies to quickly and effectively build software products for specific use cases. We can similarly help you build and operate your own innovative and custom solutions.

Consolidate Capabilities. Modernize Workflows.

We help you build custom, unified APIs in less time than it would take to build a single integration. The libraries we help you build can easily be used across programming languages.

How would you modernize your business and workflows if you could easily manage your entire range of software capabilities in one library? What new software processes would you build? What automations would you explore?

Today, each new app independently built is likely to result in yet another custom data format that must in turn be integrated or translated with all your other relevant apps. Standard Knowledge Language empowers and facilitates the translation of data between its varied formats across apps through Standard Nouns and Verbs.