Solid is a new web standard for decentralized data.

Solid lets people store their data securely in decentralized data stores - almost like secure personal web servers for data.

An overview of the Solid ecosystem's three core components: Solid Pods, Solid Apps, and Identity Servers

You own and control your data. Host it on your server, or we can help you host it.

Standard Storage lets anyone effortlessly connect data and ideas in powerful knowledge graphs that can reach Google scale, whether you're an end-user or a developer.

Connect your data by what it actually is, without being restricted by where it is stored or where it comes from. Build relationships between entities like people, projects, articles, files, and more in a private and secure way.

Easily share data across apps using two-way syncing with your current tools.

You've built up a wealth of data in existing tools. Standard Syncer was built to be the bridge between the privacy-conscious software of tomorrow and your existing tools.

Connect and continuously synchronize data between applications and ecosystems, store your data in Solid-compliant data stores like Standard Storage, and finally take control of all your data.

Today, your data is fragmented and locked within apps.

A diagram showing three apps, each bundling data with interfaces and processing

Experience an internet where you own your data.

A diagram showing three apps sharing one data store, and then offering unique interfaces and processing over that shared data

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