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The next-generation Firebase for linked data. Instantly spin up Solid-compliant knowledge graphs.

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Your Data. Your Way.

Data storage should be open and standardized. We manage an open-source graph storage solution that is interoperable with the semantic web. This means that you can have all your data, securely stored in one place, and organized in the way that you think. Access all your data by association rather than relying exclusively on some hierarchical organizational structure.

A data cloud that works like your memory.

Standard Storage lets anyone effortlessly connect data and ideas in powerful knowledge graphs that can support billions of edges.

Connect your data by what it actually represents, without being restricted by where it is stored or where it comes from. Build relationships between entities like people, projects, news articles, files, and more in a private and secure way.

Every user's data in its own user-controlled database.

Today, most web applications use a single shared database for potentially millions of users. Companies gain wealth and power from this centralization by 'locking you in' with your own data, by selling it, or by using it for marketing campaigns.

Standard Storage isolates every user’s or customer's data in its own database. This improves security, helps prevent data leaks, and can lead to better performance for each individual. Paired with the data exchange standards of the Solid specification, this paradigm shift puts users in total control of their data and how it’s used.

Two strangers would not want to share the same safe deposit box.

Standard Storage gives you the same level of privacy in the cloud.

Access the same data across Apps.

Keep your data in one standard data store that you control and easily switch out how you interact with it. Create or try out new apps or workflow without dealing with lots of integrations.

Just connect it to your Standard Storage graph and access all your data in one place. All your data is accumulated independently, in an open format that you can move at will.

SOLID logoa

Backed by Solid

Solid is a specification that lets people store their data securely in decentralized data stores, which are like secure personal web servers for data. When data is stored in someone's private data store, they control which people and applications can access it. StandardStorage is interoperable with Solid, meaning that it can be used out-of-the-box with any Solid interfaces and Solid Apps.

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