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Building blocks for the internet of tomorrow.

People and businesses today expect integrated software solutions that work with their existing data and workflows.

Comake has spent most of the past decade inventing technologies to unify data and capabilities across an existing landscape of disparate and fragmented software tools. We have decided to open-source many of these technologies as part of our commitment to broader societal collaboration.

We offer modern technologies to help you more effectively build and maintain complex software and workflows. Use our technologies to more easily build modular, scalable, secure, and fully integrated software solutions.

Access capabilities from any API, via a simple abstraction.

Standard Knowledge Language ("SKL") is a protocol that makes it easy to interact with non-standard data formats and APIs through standardized abstractions of data ("Nouns") and capabilities ("Verbs").

SKL does not require software publishers to change their existing APIs or offerings. Instead, it provides a streamlined way for developers to easily and simultaneously connect to a theoretically infinite number of APIs and data sources.

Using SKL, a developer, end user, or application can easily perform operations on/with any given Noun(s) regardless of where the data comes from or how it’s stored.

Build with ease today what you could only dream yesterday.

Comake's technologies turn the old rules of software upside-down and bring previously unattainable innovations within reach. What will you do in this new future?

Understand data by what it represents, not how it's stored.

Standard Knowledge Language (SKL) uses "Nouns" to represent the range of possible attributes that any given data type may have across data sources. This allows you to be significantly more efficient with your development efforts: get products built faster and maintain software more effectively.

Your custom application logic does not need to worry about the various data sources you may be working with or how they represent data. Instead, your application can use the Standard Knowledge Query Language (SKQL) to interact with abstractions of data (Nouns). SKL then uses mappings to translate between Nouns and the necessary data source or API.

Turn software into interoperable building blocks. Give your development teams superpowers.

Switch out data views with modular interface components.

The same data can be represented in any number of ways. Swapping out interface components should be a breeze. Customizing those views should be just as simple. Standard Interfaces is a modular UI framework that works with your prebuilt interface components and that is easily customizable using configuration.

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Extract, transform, and consolidate data.

Easily build and manage custom schemas, link data, and build up knowledge with a new type of ETL tool that can integrate with any data source. Standard Syncer makes it easy to build and manage Knowledge Graphs with custom data models.

Custom, Shareable Knowledge Graphs.

Standard Storage helps you put data in context via linking and semantic metadata. It provides a flexible and sharable framework for data integration, unification, and analysis that works out of the box for anything from enterprise graphs, to electronic health records, to unified customer data repositories. Contact sales to get started with the most scalable and customizable managed knowledge graph!

User-owned data. Powered by Solid.

Most modern applications lock your data in proprietary formats and limit your access through their interfaces and processes. Solid enables a future where every user is fully in control of their data, and where multiple applications read and write from each user's personal data store. Learn more.

Build trust by giving people control over their data. Your users increasingly expect it and will admire your brand for being first.

Built-In Privacy and Data-Ownership.

By unbundling data storage from applications and giving each user control of their data, users are able to easily control who has access to their data, which apps can read and write data, and revoke access at will.

Enterprise-Grade Security and Compliance.

Standard.Storage empowers customers to easily create dedicated databases per user, per organization, or per application. We offer managed solutions deployed on our infrastructure as well as deployments on third-party clouds for applications with specific security needs.