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Comake lets you reclaim your time and focus by giving you access to all your work data & tools from anywhere in your browser.


Welcome to KnowledgeOS™
A living memory for your browser.

Declutter your browser.

Your work is scattered across multiple Apps and websites, making it difficult to access what you need, when you need it.

Stop hoarding tabs

Managing a lot of open tabs should be easier to handle. Comake saves your tabs so that you can close windows & never worry about losing your work.

Never bookmark anything again

Recalling information in the browser should be faster and more intuitive. Comake automatically organizes whatever you do. Access your work how you think.

Work faster. Save time.

Your browser has remained fundamentally the same for 20+ years. Comake upgrades it so that you can access anything instantly.

Work better together.

The best teams thrive when information is fluid and up to date. See what your team is doing in real-time, share information, and empower asynchronous work.

Used by amazing people at companies like...

“I rely on Comake for my productivity”

Will - Director of Ecommerce @ Recess

"Switching between Google personas with Comake is so easy! This used to be a huge pain point in my daily workflow.”

Hanna - Enterprise Business Development @ Demand, Inc.

“Comake let me finally make the shift from desktop-based apps to a collaborative browser-based workflow”

Andrew - CMO @ Atlanta Conventions & Visitors Bureau

“Comake is Marie Kondo for my browser”

Zach - Product Manager @ Attentive

You control your data, and where it goes.

We use the information we collect to benefit you and make working easier. Not so the browser can target you for advertisements.


Explore use cases.

A Day in the life of a Comaker

Learn how to get in the flow with Comake.

Easily manage your Tabs

Close tabs without losing work, and come back to them with ease.

Working with Apps in the browser

Search your Apps, use shortcuts, and work with multiple accounts.

Client Services

Easily organize work across Apps by client.

Product & Project Managers

All your people and work product in one place, across Apps.

Our investors.

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Your work is incredibly web-based.
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