Standard Knowledge Language

The future of software interoperability

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A Cross-Language Type System!

Standard Knowledge Language (SKL) is an open-source framework for building next-generation software and enabling interoperability.

It is composed of reusable schemas describing structured data and software components. More than an individual taxonomy or ontology, SKL is a customizable methodology for how software can connect to data and other software components through shared schemas.

Composable and Modular Software

Represent any software component as a modular building block.

SKL Schemas can be used to represent any type of software component, such as code packages, APIs, interfaces, language models, and more. The Schema for each component defines its features and characteristics (e.g., the inputs and outputs of an API endpoint).

SKL establishes a standardized way to connect these software components with data through their Schemas. When using SKL, software can semantically connect with structured data models and other any other software components also connected to those models.

Composability is to software as compounding interest is to finance.

Composability is the ability to mix and match software like Lego bricks. When software components can be "mix and matched", developers can reuse the same component across multiple projects. This means that every software problem must only be solved once, which results in exponentially growing returns when building and maintaining software. Since SKL Schemas are reusable across projects, they are highly composable and can hugely improve productivity.

Learn how to use Standard SDKs to easily interact with Schemas.

Standard Knowledge Language is the universal adapter for software components.

Open Source and Customizable

We've open-sourced Standard Knowledge Language to help you more easily connect data, capabilities, and more across varied software components and systems. You can implement SKL in your own software without having to send any data or information to Comake. SKL is easily customizable and lets you build unique software in more modular and composable ways.

Some applications of SKL, such as syncing and deduplicating data, are patent-pending. To learn more review our patents, or contact us.