Knowledge Apps

Knowledge Apps are software services that help you manage your Knowledge across all your websites, Apps, and Accounts. The basic versions of each Knowledge App help you automatically classify your tabs, browsing history, and saved resources by type: all your files, messages, tasks, people, and more. You can subscribe to KnowledgeCore to have KnowledgeOS automatically index all the information within each App and Account regardless of whether it exists in your browsing history. As you integrate your various Apps and Accounts, you will start to see more enriched data populate your Knowledge Apps and Contexts. Below you can see Comake's patented contextual notifications at play.

You can learn more about each Knowledge App by accessing its respective article in the left hand navigation in this guide.

As always, remember that we offer data mapping services in order to act as a force multiplier on productivity and innovation capability. We DO NOT sell your data or serve you ads. Your tabs, history index, and other sensitive data stay on your device unless you opt-in to sync it to the cloud; and when you do so, your data is encrypted and only used to help you and collaborators access information across devices. Learn more here.


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