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How does Comake protect my data in the cloud?

KnowledgeOS uses Comake Cloud to save your basic account data as well as settings, as described in the other Privacy and Security articles. This article describes the basic details on what we do to protect your data, respect your privacy, and build your trust with Comake Cloud.


We work hard to keep your data confidential. Any information transferred to our servers is protected by SHA-256 SSL encryption with RSA, and any data we store is protected by AES-256 encryption. Administrative access to our system is only permitted using secure remote access technologies such as SSH. We run background checks on our employees, and access to the database is monitored for suspicious activity.


We know that the integrity of our systems is crucial to keeping your data secure. We’re working to conduct security audits with a third-party white-hat provider to evaluate our security measures and ensure we’re up-to-date with industry best practices. Your data is also encrypted in storage using 256-bit AES encryption and in transit using 256-bit SSL encryption to protect against unauthorized access or fraud.

Use of Data

Establishing a strong foundation of trust is key to our success. Your data remains your data and we will never use it for anything other than the provision of Comake Products and Services. We will not sell your Private Information. We will not use your Private Information to serve ads. For more information please read our Privacy Policy.


We utilize off-site, geographically distributed backups to ensure your data is never lost. Comake’s infrastructure leverages AWS components with uptime SLA's of 99.95% and features 24/7 monitoring to alert us of any issues. We have engineers on call so we’re always available and ready to remedy potential issues.

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