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As the name might imply, KnowledgeCore is the heart of KnowledgeOS. Its patented technology gives you access to super powers like: easily searching across all the data within your Apps, regardless of whether it's in your browsing history or not; accessing all your notifications, files, messages, and other data across Apps by Context; automatically seeing related data like related versions, messages, and contacts around whatever you are looking at in the browser; and more.

KnowledgeOS works hard in the background to deduplicate and link your data. Think of it like the mycelium that connects all your work. For example when you search, Comake will show you duplicated results with easy access to all the different copies and versions of your files across Apps and Accounts. Similarly, you can easily see

While our vision is BIG, our team is still small and we can't do it all at once. We are therefore restricting access to KnowledgeCore in the short term. That being said, there's plenty more to get excited about, so please fill out the form below and let us know if you are interested in learning more, want to use KnowledgeCore, or otherwise want to get involved. You can also contact us here, join our Discord, and follow us on Twitter / LinkedIn.

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