Privacy & Security

User authentication in KnowledgeOS

KnowledgeOS offers passwords-less authentication. In other words, we do not let users use KnowledgeOS-specific passwords to log into their accounts. Instead we offer users three ways of logging in: magic link via email, login with Google, and login with Slack. If you would like to use a different authentication method or would like to require your workspace to use a specific authentication method, please subscribe to KnowledgeTeam or contact us here.

KnowledgeOS also provides you visibility on what sessions are currently open, as well as how your KnowledgeOS account has been accessed in the past, including when and from where. You can always access this from the security tab in your settings.

A screenshot of the security section in settings showing all the open sessions a user currently has as well as a log of previous sessions that show location, IP address, and time information.
An illustration of a man standing in front of a phone that is showing a form and an envelope.

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