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How do I control my status sharing?

KnowledgeOS helps bring your team closer together and feel as if you are working in the same room by letting you share what you are working on in real time. This means you can share what Apps you are working in, as well as which Contexts you are working in with other people in your Workspace.

As always, you are in control of your privacy and data. You can easily control when you share your working status with others, if at all, and with whom. As you can see in the image below, you can choose whether you share your status by Apps and/or Contexts when you go to your settings page by clicking the top of your Dock. You can also control who you share your working status with by controlling who you add to your workspace.

You also have control over which Apps you share your status in, by either adding them or removing them from your Workspace.  In other words, your working status is only shared with Apps that you have added to your Workspace in KnowledgeOS, and they are only shared with other team members that are in your shared Workspace

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