Getting Started

What does KnowledgeOS do for you?

Work tends to be scattered across many apps, communication channels, tabs, and more. KnowledgeOS helps you manage your workflow and avoid fragmentation by consolidating and contextualizing your work (and your thinking) across any App or website. It automatically classifies what you're looking at on the screen (e.g., as a file, message, recipe, article, etc.), relates it to the rest of your work in order to shows you important associations (e.g. related notes, tasks, messages, projects, deals, etc.), and makes it all easily searchable and accessible in one place.

Watch the video above and read the articles below to learn how to get started. You can also learn more about the vision for KnowledgeOS here. We also welcome more participation, contributions, and/or Comaking parts of the vision with us - join us on Discord!


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